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GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessments

GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessments: The GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessments are on-line assessments to determine and enhance a business professional’s workplace emotional intelligence skills. These are useful for all leadership roles as well as motivational fit for those you may be considering to join the organizational.    …click here to learn more

EA Technical Specialist Transition to People Leader©

Many talented people are promoted to leadership roles before they are actually ready. The EA Technical Specialist Transition to People Leader assessment assists both the manager and the emerging leader in identifying strengths, gaps and areas for development. The results are then mapped into an overall development plan to assure maximum success in the transition to a leadership role.    …click here to learn more

Are You Ready to Become a Leader? An assessment for Technical Professionals

Are you thinking of managing and leading others? This assessment assists people who may already be in a leadership role determine areas of focus to increase their leadership performance and give them specific skills to enhance.    …click here for a free assessment

360 Degree Assessments

A 360 view of professionals helps to narrow the focus for professional development. These can be delivered either via GENOS or custom designed.    …click here to learn more

Career Transitions and Development

Through the use of Career Anchors, we help you determine your core values no matter what role you have had or may be considering, and regardless of what stage you are in your career.    …click here to learn more