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Are You Ready for Coaching?

You and your boss have been talking about the various options for your professional development as a manager and leader. You are presented with the idea of coaching as a way to prepare you for the next step. How do you know you are ready?

In  my experience, there are five questions to ask yourself when you are considering coaching as a development option:

  1. Do I have the commitment of my boss?
  2. Do I have the time and head-space to devote to my development now?
  3. Do I want to learn new skills and/or learn about myself?
  4. Am I willing to commit to making at least one change?
  5. Am I willing to enrol others in my development (a ‘support team’)?

Gaining your boss’s commitment for a program is critical to achieving your success. The company’s investment and return on your development goes beyond financial returns. Having the time to devote to your own development as well as managing the impacts of your workload and family commitments are also important factors. Coaching needs to occur at the right time for you.

Key factors for a successful program are your willingness to learn new skills, learn about yourself, and have a strong motivation to make at least one change. Enrolling others as your ‘support team’ enhances your relationships and makes the coaching journey a bit easier.

If you answered yes to four out of the five questions, you are ready to start and sustain a coaching program and achieve your goals!