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What is Coaching?

Coaching is the process of guiding and equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to develop and maximize their potential. Coaching for dramatic results is experiential and requires personal and organizational commitment. Coaching helps you see yourself from another’s perspective, challenges your thinking and moves you closer to your goals. It is more than acquiring tools and techniques for leading and managing!

When was the last time you focused on your own professional development? Gone are the days when a company takes care of you for life – your future is up to you. What are your strengths? Knowing and building on your strengths is the most efficient way to stand out in your profession. Think about identifying an area in your professional life that you want to enhance.

John Gardner, executive, teacher, and leadership guru writes that “Leaders need advisers who will guide them lovingly and candidly through the minefields of arrogance, overwhelming pride, fixed ideas, vindictiveness, unreasoning anger, stubbornness, and egotism”.

In summary, coaching is one of the most efficient ways for you to accelerate your career and dramatically improve the quality of your work relationships. The role of a coach is to facilitate you in your learning.