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What Is Emotional Resilience?

Emotional resilience is the ability for people to bounce back after a setback. A lot of times in organizations there are lots and lots of setbacks. I have got a business case. I have gone to a meeting and I have gotten all of this pushback. I feel awful about myself. I feel like I haven’t hit this level. I have not met the expectations that people have of me in my role. How long are you going to stay with that feeling? Now that is resilience. Can you bounce back? Can you say to yourself, “Oh, well you know I did the best I could. I didn’t have all of the information. Now I have got more information. What do I do with that feeling because I am a technical person and I am a perfectionist.” How do I take those feelings and that language that I am talking to myself and put it aside so I can achieve what I need to achieve and do a better job? That is what I mean about emotional resilience.

A lot of organizations have people walking around who just have all this self-talk going on that is constantly beating themselves up. Now, you don’t see it because you are not inside their head. You don’t see it but you see the results of it which is a disengaged person, a person sitting at their desk doodling, a person playing a game on the computer, a person going out and having a smoke every 15 minutes or so. Who knows, but there are signs that you can see of this lack of resilience if you will. Organizations for the future, from now and for the future because of the turbulence in our world system, in organizational systems, people need to develop that resiliency. That capacity within themselves to bounce back after any kind of a setback.

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