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Assessing The Strength Of Teams

Some of my clients have been asking me how to assess the strengths of their teams. Let me share with you a few ideas around that.

 First of all, we have to consider more than technical skills and capacity like emotional strength and resilience meaning how quickly people bounce back after setbacks or how long negative emotions will last and persist. So I have identified five characteristics in a leader which are courage, empathy, vision, focus, and communication. What I mean by that is communicate, communicate, communicate. So without those strengths in a leader it is going to be really difficult to model the very behaviors that you actually want in your organization.

In terms of the strengths of the leader are demonstrating behaviors that are expected, having clarity in purpose around the organization, the department, and personally which leads to clarity in the individual roles to support that purpose and where the organization or that team is headed. Also, the leader needs to have the strength of being able to see and hold the big picture and the detail at the same time and communicate where everyone fits. 

Once you understand those five characteristics in the leader and the four strengths in the leader then you can sit down and draw up a 3-dimensional matrix that actually assesses all of those individual characteristics and strengths in your people. So putting it in a 3-dimensional capacity will really help you understand not only the technical skills that people have but also where their passions are and where their strengths are that are going to keep you moving towards that goal. Those are just a few ideas of assessing the strengths of teams in terms of my strengths matrix.

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